The Anatomic JOLLY Knee Cushion

A lot of activities in gardening, jobs, and home projects are done in a kneeling position, often subjecting your knees to undue stress and discomfort.  The result can be aching knees and sometimes damage to the joints.

The Anatomic Jolly Knee Cushion prevents such damage and protects your knees while allowing you to work comfortably. Using a soft, flexible, anatomically formed surface, the Jolly Knee Cushion makes kneeling projects easier and more comfortable.

Made of 100% CFC-free Polyurethane foam containing millions of tiny air bubbles, the Jolly Knee Cushion provides for an optimum distribution of body weight, lowering the pressure on the knee joints.  The Polyurethane surface resists the adherence of dirt and other substances, and can be easily cleaned when necessary under running water.

The Jolly Knee Cushion, with its functional handle molded right into the cushion, is a practical and welcome assistant for any kind of kneeling activity.  Robust and hard-wearing, this cushion never loses its form and yet remains soft and flexible for your continued comfort.

  • Soft, flexible, anatomically formed surface
  • Made of 100% CFC-free Polyurethane containing millions of tiny air bubbles
  • Distributes body weight, lowering pressure on knee joints
  • Kneeling projects become easier and more comfortable
  • Easily cleaned under running water.
  • Robust, hard-wearing