Jolly's "soul"

Jolly's "soul"

The soul of the Jollys is an orthopedic insole of natural cork, covered with a cotton layer which breathes.

With each step, as the foot flexes on the insole, the foot muscles are massaged and strengthened.

To prevent any "overheating" during active wear including garden work, the removable insole flexes with each step to provide a cooling air flow.

The insole is removable and replacements can be bought at any time.

Jollys Construction

  • Durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Unaffected by moisture, oils, fats, corrosives, dust, kitchen garbage and the nastiest dirt.
  • Shell is constructed of a featherlight highly flexible special material. intended for hard wear.
  • Surrounds and shelters your foot, but doesn't confine it.

Cleaning? No problem!

  • Drop the insoles into your washer during any warm (30°C/85°F) cycle.
  • And the shells? They only need rinsing under running water!